I don’t remember the exact date that my brother Bernard got a VHS VCR — but I’m guessing it was in the late 70s. And he recorded every movie he could off the Telly  — fastidiously editing out the commercials when he found the presence of mind to do so. Between that and us going to the cinema on Oxford Road

Space At Chase — Brain Club New York Tour 89/90 New Year’s Eve 1990. It had been a strange and amazing week in New York City. Staying at the Chelsea Hotel with Sean, Wigan, Nat, Lovejoy and the rest of the gang. We’d met Michael Alig and Superstar Dj Keoki had chaperoned us around The Limelight. We ended-up backstage

The first two chapters of Trip City were written on a manual typewriter, in my squat, which was between King's Cross and the Angel. I lived in the former police barracks named Charles Rowan House. 'Chippy Rowan,' as we called it, had become council flats - some of which were squatted by various ne'er-do-wells, like us. My college